Improving Reading & Study Skills - Like Magic


turley educates AND entertains
Reading Specialist & Magician

Turley is a reading specialist with a Masters degree in Education.  He is also a very capable magician who has entertained families for 30 years. His school assembly program will show students how to improve their grades and do school work more efficiently.

Developmental Reading program:

Turley tips the inside secrets on how to do schoolwork like magic.  Your school will be provided pre-assembly and post-assembly lesson plans to introduce and reinforce reading and study skills.   Recommendations for parents are also provided so everyone can help students master these important skills. 

This assembly will provide students the skills to do their schoolwork more efficiently using Pre-Reading, Key Word Emphasis, Variable Reading Rates, the SQ3R Method, and Turley’s Test Taking Tips.  Examples of how these techniques can be applied to all subjects will be provided to faculty. 

Developmental reading and study skills are appropriate for Grades 4 through Middle School.  Students learn how to avoid bad reading habits.  Turley’s Test Taking Tips provide every student with a competitive edge.

 A proven performer delivers this educational program designed to insure the success of students. 

For grades: 4-8

Beginning Readers program:

Turley also offers an entertaining magic program for the lower grades with story telling, initial consonant sounds, vowels, and a positive message about reading.

For grades: Pre-K-3

Touring area: DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV
Fee: $485 (additional same day performances $295)

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